Electronic Component
holding / fastening tape

This is used for preliminary
fastening of electronic
component lead wires and to
tape electronic components for
automatic insertion. At room
temperature the adhesive is just
sticky enough to hold the
components in-place, but with
thermocompression it attains high
adhesive strength.
Book Covers

In libraries and other places
where books are used
frequently, these are used to
protect books from damage or
becoming dirty. The adhesive is
transparent and does not leak
from the cut edges.

More durable and economical
than paint, these are widely used
for vehicle markings, exterior
signs and deco-rations. The
adhesive is highly resistant to
solvents, weather and chemicals.
Tape for athletic/
therapeutic treatment

This is used to support and hold
joints subject to repeated
extreme movements and body
parts that are difficult to
bandage. The adhesive is
designed to be nonirritating to
the skin and to leave no traces
when removed.
electrode pads

There are used to facilitate elec-
trocardiograms while engaging in
swimming track and field
competition, etc. The adhesive
resists removal due to violent
movements or perspiration.
Heat insulating

These are used on pipes to
protect them and to prevent
corrosion or freezing. The
adhesive bonds polyethylene
powerfully and is resistant to
Carpet fasteners

These are used for laminating
carpets and floors. The adhesive
bonds well to rough surfaces and
can be removed from the floor
without leaving traces.
Kitchen Sheets

These are used in the kitchen to
seal crevices and keep them
from becoming dirty. The
Adhesive is resistant to heat and
water and bonds well to rough
Confidential postcards

9.jpg (9801 bytes)

The postcard message area is
covered with a label which is to
be removed only by the recipient.
The adhesive is highly
transparent and does not ooze
from the adhered surfaces.
diaper tapes

10.jpg (9812 bytes)

These tapes hold diapers on
even the most active baby. The
adhesive bonds powerfully to
nonwoven fabric.
Dry cell jacket film

11.jpg (11410 bytes)

This replaces what formerly metal
jackets on dry cells. The
adhesive adheres to the substrate
film without lifting or peeling from
the adherend.
Nameplate Fastening

12.jpg (11298 bytes)

Used for bonding nameplates
and decorative plates, the
adhesive is ideally suited for die
cutting and other processing.
Powerful adhesion resists
shifting or removal due to heat or
Liquid crystal

Used for automobile meters and
gages, among other applications,
the adhesive  resists removal
under a board spectrum of
environmental conditions.
Membrane switches

These are found on
photocopiers, facsimiles and
many household appliances.
The Powerful adhesive is
designed to outlast the switches'
contact life.
Glass scatter prevention

This prevents scattering and
falling of glass in the event of
earthquakes, crashes or
explosions and such. The
adhesive has excellent
transparency and application
surface smoothness, and is
Magnetic tape splicing

This is used to join the magnetic
tape and leader sections in
audio and video cassette tapes.
The adhesive does not ooze
from the edges under heating
and resists slippage due to the
force of the tape running and

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